Volunteer Virtually

Find the perfect fit, anywhere in the world

Volunteers today come in many forms. Most people imagine an in-person volunteer working in a community—whether cleaning up a park, holding a clothing drive or bringing a meal to a nursing home. But giving your time to a good cause can include more than being physically on site—and in an increasingly digital world, being “in person” isn’t required.

Don’t have a car or a ride to get to the volunteering site? Can’t snag a sitter for young ones at home? Create the Good’s got you covered, helping you help others and your community right from your own home.

Every day, volunteers across the country lend a hand virtually, from computers, tablets, phones and other mobile devices. All you need is Internet access—and sometimes, just a phone.

What’s your niche?

First, think about what it is that you can offer others. Can you provide that skill across the web? The way your talents translate virtually may surprise you.

For example, do you know how to build or update a website? Are you fluent in the language of computer coding or programming? Lend your skills to a nonprofit, effort or charity doing work you believe in. Organizations such as InterConnection.org can help you put your technology or computer skills to use for nonprofits and NGOs.

Are you a grammar whiz or love to write? Foundations and nonprofits are always trying to get the word out about their mission and their work. Offer to help with outreach to potential donors, fundraising or grant writing and editing. Or help the organization keep a blog or social media feeds updated.

The list goes on! Who are you?

  • A good listener? Offer you ear and emotional support by staffing a crisis hotline.
  • An attorney? Offer to give free legal advice to NGOs.
  • A teacher? Depending on your instructional area, teach education courses online, create curricula, mentor a young person via Skype or give free webinars.
  • Fluent in another language? There are many groups worldwide that could use help with translations—and individuals and staff who could benefit from language training.
  • An administrative guru? You can do many admin tasks from your own computer, like answering emails, for understaffed nonprofits.
  • A research savvy scholar? Help with analysis, data entry, research or database maintenance or construction.

Consider your passion

Once you have a good feel for what it is you can offer, ask yourself what you’re most passionate about—and then what organizations can benefit most from your skills. What’s convenient about being a virtual volunteer is every organization across the world is at your fingertips. No matter your abilities, you’re bound to find one with the mission—and needs—perfectly suited for you.

How do you find the perfect virtual fit? If you don’t have an organization already in mind, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities at https://volunteer.helplinecenter.org.

Full article found at: http://createthegood.org/articles/virtualvolunteering

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