7 Ways to Get Millennials Involved with Your Cause


How many times a day
 do you hear the term “Millennial”? Likely, you hear it often because they are one of the most talked about generations. This generation is in constant search of the next best thing and how it will benefit them personally.

Many nonprofits are in search of how to involve this generation with their cause.

Millennials look at the world from a different perspective than the generations before them. They are innovative, creative, and can add value and originality to any organization. Here are a few ways you can attract Millennials to become involved with your nonprofit:


This generation tends to follow nonprofits they admire and trust. Being authentic in the public eye builds trust and compassion for your mission. Authenticity within your brand can inspire Millennials to join your cause.

Consider holding quarterly Impact Calls to share topics such as your financial results and scheduling methodology with key stakeholders. Join GuideStar’s Impact Call August 9th to see how they work, or download a free Impact Call PowerPoint template to get you started on hosting a call of your own.


Think about the last video or commercial you saw regarding a nonprofit organization. If it touched you personally, you would be likely to get involved with the organization and learn more about their story. Human interest stories can evoke responses that bring us amusement, joy, or sorrow.

Using case studies, testimonials, or employee profiles can also be great marketing tools totell your story. Communicating your story using creativity and emotion may appeal to Millennials in your community and maybe even around the world.


If you want to engage Millennials, social media is a great outlet to tell your story and share your mission. Start conversations and ask questions to involve the younger generation. This is how they communicate with their friends and family, read the news, and interact with their community.

Does your nonprofit have a social media strategy? There are great tools to help you get started such as HubSpot’s Social Media Strategy Kit. Engagement on social media is key to standing out to Millennials online.


Baby boomers grew up in a time where they worked for one company until they retired. They wanted upward mobility and the focus was on progressing with the same company throughout their career. Today, the landscape is a little different; the focus has shifted to gaining experience and building valuable skills. Millennials want opportunities for self-improvement by learning different skill sets they can apply to their careers.

Understanding the benefits of volunteering can be a perfect start for creating a strong marketing strategy. Promoting the value of volunteerism can be a great way to appeal to Millennials. They don’t know what you have to offer unless you show them.


In The 2015 Millennial Impact Report, 77% of Millennials said they would be more likely to volunteer if they could leverage a specific skill or expertise to benefit a cause. Promoting different opportunities based on skills could be another way to attract Millennials to your organization. Millennials want to make a difference and if they can use their expertise to do so, they will feel as though their skills are being put to good use.

Fulfilling the right skill sets and expertise your organization needs can be challenging. Focusing your marketing efforts toward Millennials with certain skill sets is a great way to acquire lasting supporters.


Knowing what piques your audience’s interest is key in recruiting a younger set of volunteers. They communicate with each other using a special language unique to their generation. Do some research and see how they interact on social media and in person.

This short video may help you learn how to direct your communication efforts to your target audience. Knowing how they communicate can help you revamp your marketing strategy to appeal to Generation Y.


What is the best way to involve Millennials with your cause? How about hiring them to work for you? Not only will this make your nonprofit more marketable, but it will encourage more Millennials to volunteer for your organization.

There are many ways to recruit Millennials to work for your organization. GuideStar’s Junior Board Series can help you create the most effective ways to recruit Millennials for your nonprofit. Having someone internally who knows how to market to Millennials can help spread your mission.

Having Millennials involved in your organization will help convey your message to a broader audience. Using different tools to tell your story will inspire them to join your cause. They want to be a part of something that will change their lives and the lives of others.

Make sure you are telling a powerful story that has an impact on those who hear it. Be true to your brand and bring passion and purpose to the Millennials in your community.

The preceding is guest post by Ashley Chorpenning, Marketing Communications Specialist for VolunteerHuba cloud-based volunteer management software application that offers online event registration, email and SMS (text) messaging, report generation, and much more.

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