20 Family Volunteering Ideas

20 Ideas to Celebrate National Family Month By Volunteering with Your Family

National Family Month is celebrated from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day. National Family Month and the upcoming Father’s Day weekend provide an opportunity for families to share special time together, to develop or renew relationships, and to remind everyone of the importance of family involvement in raising healthy, confident kids. Service is a great way to spend time together and turn volunteering into a lifetime habit. Looking for ways to serve with your family? Here are 20 ideas:


  • Make cards/care packages for kids in the hospital.
  • Make first aid kits and donate them to a homeless shelter.
  • Organize a day of play for neighborhood kids/families to promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Clean up a neighborhood park/playground.


  • Clean up a local river or stream.
  • Maintain local hiking and walking trails.
  • Do an energy audit of your home and make an effort to reduce energy consumption.

Poverty & Hunger 

  • Grow extra fruits and vegetables to donate to a food pantry.
  • Give out food and water to homeless people.
  • Serve meals at a soup kitchen.
  • Help restock the shelves of a food pantry.


  • Donate old books.
  • Practice reading skills by reading to young children together.
  • Read a book with your child that will teach them skills they can use to better the community.

Human Rights 

  • Make posters educating people about the negative effects of bullying.
  • Write letters to local elected officials advocating for protection against bullying for LGBTQ youth.
  • Host a workshop for youth and their parents about cyber bullying and effective ways to use social media and the internet.

Community Building  

  • Visit a local senior center.
  • Mow the lawn for an elderly neighbor.
  • Donate unused sports equipment to an after school center.

Source: YSA (Youth Service America)  www.YSA.org

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