Ways to “volunteer” this Veteran’s Day!

  1. When you see a person in a military uniform, shake their hand and say, “Thank you for serving our country.”
  2. Send cards and notes to hospitalized veterans and those living in Veteran’s homes.
    So many times they feel alone and forgotten. Your cards and notes can let them know their contribution was appreciated and it will ease their loneliness.
  3. Make requests to your favorite radio stations to play patriotic theme songs in honor of our troops.
  4. Attend a coming home ceremony and make a sign or wave an American Flag.
  5. Honor the flag and National Anthem (like at school sporting events). Be respectful while the anthem is playing.
  6. Check out the internet for programs that you might want to donate items to. There are programs that collect cellphones for soldiers, airline miles, paperback books, etc.
  7. Offer your skills to the family of someone who is deployed (offer to cook a meal, babysit, clean, etc), or spend time with them (have them come over for dinner, include their children in your family outing, etc.)
  8. Drop off snacks, personal care items, or gift cards at a Veterans Center near you.
  9. Go and visit someone in your neighborhood who is a veteran or drop off something special on the day like fresh baked cookies. Thank them for their service.
  10. Stop by a local diner/café/coffee shop – Great place to chat with Veterans and say thanks!

And…. many more ways that you might think of on your own!  Do something to say thank you to those who are the ultimate volunteers!  


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