Night Watch-Serving A Meal Is About More Than The Food

Every Saturday and Sunday evening you’ll find a diverse group of people hanging out at The Salvation Army.  They cross all boundaries-ethnic, gender, economic class, etc.  They come together to share a meal and spread the joy of friendship with those in need. There’s a misconception about people in poverty.  Sometimes they’re perceived in a negative light.  That they want something for nothing.  That is not the case.

Many of the people who come to The Salvation Army are not only seeking a meal but also the acceptance of those around them and a safe place to be.  Those living in poverty don’t have often have the means to socialize, meet with others and enjoy a time of fellowship.  When they come to Night Watch, they know they’ll be welcomed and surrounded by people who care.  We all want to be accepted no matter our situation in life.  If we truly want to help someone, we have to accept and love them where they are at.  It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day.  Start a conversation, share a few words and let them know someone cares.  

Individuals, families, groups and churches are needed to help share the gift of friendship every Saturday and Sunday night, where between 450 and 550 meals are served.  The Night Watch feeding program at The Salvation Army operates year round.Specifically, help is needed in preparing the meal, bagging Panera Bread donations, rolling plastic ware into napkins and serving the meal.  

Everyone has something to give whether it’s time, talent or treasure.  Maybe instead of serving a meal you’d like to share your talent?

Or if you’re not available during the weekend, maybe you’d consider being a monetary sponsor for a meal?  This could be done in honor of someone or in memory of a loved one.  We truly appreciate everyone who supports the programs of The Salvation Army.  If you’re able, we’d love to have you join with us in serving those in need. 

The Salvation Army and You, Together We’re Doing The Most Good


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