Be Someone Who Matters To Someone Who Matters

Did you know that right now, one in every six young people ages 16 to 24 are disconnected from work and lss mentoringschool? The 2013 National Gallup Student Survey shows that 46% of youth in our country say they lack hope, and 34% say that they are not thriving.

Today’s mentee is tomorrow’s employee. It’s as simple as that. Just like heroes, mentors hold up a child’s dream until they are ready to take it on themselves. In Sioux Falls, 70 local companies employ the current 1,000+ mentors. Over one-fourth of mentors work in the financial industry.

At many organizations, mentoring is part of the corporate culture. Employees are given the time to meet with their student and with co-horts of employees who have a shared interest in making Sioux Falls better. A high percentage of mentors found out about mentoring through their employer. Research shows that employees are happier, healthier and more loyal to their employer when they are given an opportunity to make a difference volunteering.

Grab your cape, put on your mask and become a hero to a young person in our community. And then get others to become heroes too. There is a list full of kids who are waiting for someone just like you and your employees. Embrace a new culture, put forth a strong commitment to workforce development. Be someone who matters to someone who matters.

From Lutheran Social Services Mentoring Services, Everyday Heroes



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